Monday, May 24, 2010

Kokuyo Adhesive Comparison

I was very disappointed (like everyone else) when Kokuyo Dot 'n' Roller was discontinued! From various blogs, I found out that the adhesive is available from other sources. :)

I just received an order from Jetpens with refills called Kokuyo Dot Liner Acid Free Original Tape Refill - 8.4 mm X 16 m - Permanent (KOKUYO TA-D400N-08). I'm happy to say that these fit in the original cartridge and work exactly the same. It just looks a little different and you get 9 feet more (width is about the same). I did the ft/m and mm/inch conversion lol! The price from Jetpens is $4.67.

Here is a picture comparing the Dot 'n' Roller and Dot Liner (from Jetpens) adhesive:

Just to let you know Jetpens has free shipping over $25 and they have the Uni-ball Signo Broad white pens. My 1st order was a couple of months ago when Kristina Werner talked about how good this pen was. They have some adorable pencil cases too :). I placed the adhesive order on 5/20/10 and I received my package today! I am not affiliated with this company at all. Just very happy with their service and the products! Hope this info helps!!

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